What time should I arrive?
Our morning service starts at 10:30am. We participate in Communion every second Sunday. We also have monthly evening services (see the Calendar for more details).

What do I wear?
You may wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Most people come dressed casually.

What style of worship?
We use a balance of contemporary and traditional music, led by a worship band, and all the words are projected on a screen.

How long is the service?
The morning service lasts for about 1 ½ hours. Regularly throughout the year we conduct children’s services which last 1 hour. Our evening services also last about 1 hour.

What about children?
We have a crèche for children ages 0-3, and we have ‘Children’s Church’ classes (age ranges: 3-P1, P2-P3, P4-P6) which meet during morning worship. We also have a group called ‘Ignite’ which meets at the same time, and is for P7-S2’s.

What happens during the service?
A normal service includes singing, prayer, sometimes Communion and a message taken from a Bible passage which is applicable to everyday life. Other items are included in the service depending on the theme, speaker and occasion.

What happens afterwards?
Tea and coffee are served after the morning service. There is no rush to leave.

Where can I find out more about the church?
There is a Welcome Team at the door who will be pleased to help you. For other relevant information, please contact our office, and of course this website contains lots of useful information!